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Nir-SharonSHARON NIR, a young mother and successful businesswoman, is faced with the most difficult decision of her life; should she abandon her career and her place of birth, Tel Aviv, to follow her husband, who has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity—a surgical fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City?

In this heart-breaking and riveting memoir, Sharon shares her difficult but extraordinary journey of discovery: from her move to New York City, where she experiences loneliness and the shock of not having a career, to the traumatic events of 9/11 and the discovery of a challenge her son has to face, to her return to Israel and difficult relocation to Jerusalem, through the baffling and grueling process of legal immigration in the United States, a journey that will force Sharon to question every certitude. What does it mean to lead a full life for a woman in the 21st century? The Opposite of Comfortable seeks to answer this difficult question while celebrating the strength and resilience of the female spirit.


“For women at a crossroads, this cosmopolitan, welcome voice provides an alternative to polarizing discussions on careerism and mothering.” – Karen Rigby, ForeWord Reviews

“Nir’s inspiring tale will convince anyone to reach out and try to achieve all they can in their own field, whether that field is business, motherhood, or something entirely different.” – San Francisco Book Review

“Sharon Nir’s memoir is the first book written by a professional immigrant with first hand experience of the process to  expose the deficiencies in the high-skilled immigration system. The book not only highlights the barriers that are stifling innovation and competitiveness of the United States, but also the negative impact of the immigration system on both immigrants and American families.” – Aman Kapoor, Founder of the national non-profit “Immigration Voice”

“Every crossroads has four options: quit, adapt, proceed, or accept. The Opposite of Comfortable is a tangle of all of these, told through the calm and steady voice of Nir, whose guiding principles are often lifted from her own business life. ‘The secret is not to be found in the manner of solving a crisis,’ she says, ‘but in the belief a crisis can be solved.” Janet Muhm, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society Magazine

“What is most significant in The Opposite of Comfortable is a modern woman’s struggle, and the creation of a new American family. Around the world, women share the predicament of finding a life balance that nurtures a happy family, grows a satisfying career, serves the larger community, and fulfills their inner need and purpose. Sharon Nir tells the story of her success and joy in coming to that balance as an American woman, rearing her children in a new place, putting down new roots. As it did for me, this is a story to spur awareness and growth.” Susan Schoch, Story Circle Book Reviews

“The Opposite of Comfortable is a fantastic memoir that every woman should read. Nir captures the joys and sorrows of being a mother, a wife and a business woman.” – Sasha Troyan, author of Angels in the Morning and The Forgotten Island

“Nir was strong and brave and best of all she is very REAL.  We don’t often get a glimpse into the heart and mind of another person, the author not only tears down the walls, but opens the front door inviting us into her experiences….a thought provoking, worthwhile read.” – Book Bargains and Previews