“For women at a crossroads, this cosmopolitan, welcome voice provides an alternative to polarizing discussions on careerism and mothering.” – Karen Rigby, ForeWord Reviews

“[Nir’s] story is one of triumph over difficulty and rapidly changing circumstances, and one that any woman can enjoy regardless of whether she is one of those women who ‘has it all’ or believes that that’s only an impossible hope.” – San Francisco Book Review

“Sharon Nir’s memoir is the first book written by a professional immigrant with first hand experience of the process to  expose the deficiencies in the high-skilled immigration system. The book not only highlights the barriers that are stifling innovation and competitiveness of the United States, but also the negative impact of the immigration system on both immigrants and American families.” – Aman Kapoor, Founder of the national non-profit “Immigration Voice”

“What is most significant in The Opposite of Comfortable is a modern woman’s struggle, and the creation of a new American family. As it did for me, this is a story to spur awareness and growth.” Susan Schoch, Story Circle Book Reviews



The Opposite of Comfortable is a business woman’s journey to find fulfillment, balance, and happiness through the baffling and grueling process of legal immigration in the United States. It openly addresses the conflicts of interest, adversities, and challenges that women face in the 21st century while celebrating the strength and resilience of the female spirit.

The Opposite of Comfortable is when giving up is not an option because your dreams are worth pursuing even if the journey is long and the barriers are deemed to be impossible to overcome.

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The Opposite Of Comfortable




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Sharon Nir &

The Opposite of Comfortable

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